Team Info

Registration is open from 2 Jan. to 22 April 2018


  • Participation in the EXPLORER class is open for students in four or five year’s universities and technical colleges.
  • Graduate students are NOT eligible to compete as student team members, but are welcome to serve as team mentors or lead instructors. Graduate students are encouraged to contribute to the team via advice and technical assistance.
  • For Explorer and RANGER: There are no limitations about the number of participating teams per organization.
  • Participation in the RANGER class is open to students in middle and high schools as well as students in home schools, after school programs, clubs, and community organizations of comparable grade levels.
  • Teams must have at least three students with at least one faculty member or adult mentor involved in the process. One student should be designated as the team captain/company CEO.



  • ASEAN Registration fees is $200  for all Explorer teams & $100 MATE International, The discount code your EXPLORER teams should use for registering with the International Event is: ASEANCOMPETITOR2018
  • Registration fees is $150  for all Ranger teams & $100 MATE International
  • Registration fees is $100  for all Scout teams & $10 MATE International
  • Payement will be online within the registration process.
  • All Teams will be qualified from the eligibility round will register and pay international Registration fees for MATE directly through MATE system to participate.
  • All team must be registered in ASEAN and MATE International

RANGER class

  • If there are more than 10 individual schools participating, the top TWO winners advance to the international.
  • If there are less than or equal to 10 individual schools participating, the top ONE winner advances to the international.


  • Teams will advance to the international provided that they pass the MATE demonstration requirement.

If there is more than one team from a given country, the top ONE winner from that country advances to the international competition. Note that this winner must still pass the MATE demonstration requirement.