Result 1st ASEAN MATE

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Scout Mission Scout Mission Regional ASEAN use 3 mission in Competition TASK #1 : Commerce : Hyperloop Construction TASK #3 : Health : Environmental Cleanup TASK #4 : Safety
Result 1st ASEAN MATE
Survey Venue for ASEAN MA... today our committe and Dr Robin S Bradbeer, survey venue for ASEAN MATE Underwater Robot Competition. Location ASEAN MATE Underwater Robot Competition : Kertajaya Indah Tengah I No.4,
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Schedulle Competition Here are some preliminary details of the the 1st ASEAN MATE Underwater Robot Competition. They may be changed slightly as we move further towards the contest.  
schedule Sunday hello, everyone we have new schedule about sunday (16 April 2017) 8:00 8:30 Venue preparation 8:30 Teams arrival 9:30 16:00 Mission Run 9:30 15:00 Technical Presentations 16:30 17:00
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