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schedule Sunday

hello, everyone we have new schedule about sunday (16 April 2017) 8:00 8:30 Venue preparation 8:30 Teams arrival 9:30 16:00 Mission Run 9:30 15:00 Technical Presentations 16:30 17:00 Press interviews 16:00 Closing ceremony Move props and electrical/electronic equipment EXPLORER TEAM From To Explorer Station 10:00 10:30 E01 10:30 11:00 E03 11:00 11:30 E04 11:30 12:00 E05 […]

Schedulle Competition

Here are some preliminary details of the the 1st ASEAN MATE Underwater Robot Competition. They may be changed slightly as we move further towards the contest.   The contests   The main contest will take place at KONI Swimming Pool Surabaya. The draft schedule for the contest is below:   From     To           Event 15-Apr 08:00     […]